Your Privacy Matters


Privacy is an important thing to protect and when giving your information to us its vital that you understand what we do with that information. There are two types of data and they are statistical or analytic data and personal data. Statistical or analytical data are non identifying and non specific types of data such as age and gender. Personal data is information that can identify you as an individual, this is data such as names and addresses, contact information, etc. This policy informs you what we do with both types of information. It is recommended that you check back periodically as this document will change as legislation changes and it is important that you keep up to date.


Analytical Information

When users visit our website we collect non-specific data about the visitor. Without limiting the range of data it includes: geo-location, browser, heat map (what you click), length of visit. When we collect personal information, some of it is used in analytics such as gender, age, postcode. This is useful for us to indicate who our customers are and so we know how to best market our services. This is useful for continual improvement so that we can offer the best services and features for our clients. This information can never be used to identify you personally and is collected in large data pools and presented anonomously.


Personal Information

Advanced Careers College will only collect personal information when it is knowingly and voluntarily submitted. It is most commonly collected from enrolment forms, but we may also keep data from enquiries regarding future service enquiries. We also collect personal information from other actions such as a user joining a mailing list, applying for a job, making an enquiry or enroling in a course with us.


There are external links to third party websites throughout our own website. Please ensure that when you are entering secure personal information regarding Advanced Careers College and your education that it is only to Advanced Careers College ( as we cannot guarantee the security or use of your personal information from a third party organisation.


Use of Personal Information

Personal information is used for the purpose it is collect unless it is otherwise disclosed in this document, or at the time of collection, or in writing at another time, to be used differently. Personal Information is stored in our archive to provide more personalised service to clients, we may use this contact you in the future if it is necessary. We do not send unsolicted correspondence and will always allow a client to withdraw their information on request. We do release your information to relevant government agencies such as funding and regulatory bodies. We will never sell or release your information to unauthorised third parties.


Alternative Use of Personal Information

We will only use your personal information for an alternative reason if you have consented in writing to its use. This could be used in marketing material such as testimonials. We may alternatively use your information if we are required to do so by law or subpoena.


Correction or Deletion of Personal Information

Clients and visitors may request to correct or delete personal information at their own discretion. Documents are kept and destroyed securely. This is part of our commitment to making all reasonable measures to ensure that information we hold is accurate and complete.



At Advanced Careers College we endeavor to keep all correspondence and data collection methods as secure as possible. However it should be noted that no data transmission can ever be 100% secured. Our staff and contractors who provide services to our business are obliged to acknowledge and respect the confidentiality of our clients. However Advanced Careers College cannot be held responsible for any unauthorised access or use of data collected.


Further Information

If you would like assistance or further information regarding our privacy policy please feel free to Contact us at any time or alternatively visit the Australian Federal Privacy Commissioner's website