Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is smart and skilled funding?

A: The Advanced Careers College is approved under the smart and skilled contract as a quality provider of vocational education and training. Training is subsidised by the NSW government.


Q: How do I know if I am eligible?

A: Further information on the courses offered under the smart and skilled initiate and your potential eligibility, please contact the Advanced Careers College on 49660554

Q: If I study with Advanced Careers College can I get recognition for my previous studies?

A: Yes, The process is called (RPL) Recognition of Prior Learning. It will be considered at the beginning of the course.


Q: Will it cost me more to attend your college?

A: No we are competitively priced and also apply for Government funded programs


Q: Is the training the same as Tafe?

A: Yes, our courses are nationally recognised qualifications. We all follow the same training packages.


Q: Do you have a graduation at the end of the course?

A: Yes, we have a formal celebration at the end of the training for all our on campus students. This is where you will be presented with your certificate and awards. It’s a great occasion to celebrate with family and friends


Q: Can I work while I study?

A: Most of our courses are three days per week – Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday which allows for students to complete work placement the remaining days


Q: Do people gain employment after the course?

A: Yes, some of our students will gain work during their course and the college will support the student through the process. Our college has specific industry engagement which has resulted in high employment outcomes.


Q: Do you do any excursions?

A: Yes, we believe one of the key ways to learn is hands on. We have industry representatives come and present to us and we visit industries and expos that are related to the field we are studying in.


Q: Do you do any work with the community and charities?

A: Advanced Careers College constantly volunteer and support local events. It’s a great way for the college and students to have exposure to networks and organisations in the area. We work with local businesses and people to support schools, cinemas, fundraising events, charities, wedding and formal events, sporting events and pamper days just to name a few.


Q: Are the class sizes big?

A: No, we keep our classes small so we can provide mentoring and support throughout your learning. Our teaching style is also more personal with a focus on different styled learning In class. Some of the learning environments are:  group work, role plays, case studies, presentations, I.T and hands on just to name a few.

Q: Is attendance important?

A: Yes, to be successful in your course you will gain the most information from your trainer. Missing valuable lessons will set you back in the course. Think of your training like starting a new job.


Q: Is there transport options near your faculty?

A: Yes, we have public transport including Buses, Trains and Ferry.


Q: Is there a payment plan option?

A: Yes, there are payment plans available. Speak with the administration team for more information.